season's greetings

I wanted to get you an album (even a couple), but it would have been very telling for me to straight ask which ones you did or didn't have, so I went with one that no one has yet! Since it is releasing when you're already gone, I'll make sure it is kept safe and sound until you get back.

no face

No Face has really no need for explanation, but as I am planning on drowning you in plushies, I feel he was a perfect addition, and you can kind of use him as a pillow. He also won't eat you out of bathhouse and home, though I'm fairly certain he doesn't just magically make gold appear. How unfortunate.

composition book

Another place for that brilliant mind of yours to write. The pages are blank so you can format them however you want.


Fairly straight-forward I imagine, so you can get something you really want off Amazon! Given all the Amazon browsing, I'm sure there is something on there that catches your eye, so spend away! Buy that poop mug you've always wanted. ㅋㅋㅋ

메리 크리스마스!

First off, I hope you have a safe flight and as soon as possible, you can be sure I will try and bother you and wake up at insane hours of the day because the time zones are so impossible. I’ve included a playlist to maybe help with getting some good sleep on the flight (and whenever else you want to relax), but as I couldn’t surprise you with Christmas gifts traditionally, I hope this is still one.

I wish you and your family the best this holiday season and I hope you get the chance to spend some good, quality time together. I can see how much they mean to you, just as I can guess where you get your strength, drive and passion, and love from--maybe even stubbornness. ^ㅂ^ ㅋㅋㅋ

I’ll have your gifts waiting for you when you get back, which I know will be a little late since you're going to be gone a good amount of time, but it would be fairly difficult to take them with you--and one isn't even released until closer to Christmas, so while I'd love to magically make that appear, I do'nt think I can. I hope you have a fun trip, all things considered, and get to enjoy it and relax. If anyone deserves the opportunity to do just that, it's you.

Merry Christmas, Kihyun!

💙 Jinhwan