happy chuseok~!


To celebrate the approaching holiday, Jinhwan and Hye-ja (Jinhwan’s eomma), along with any additional help from those who volunteered, have put together a proper Chuseok feast for those residents of Skyview Terrace who wanted to spend some time with their building community prior to the holiday proper. Whether you just want to show up for double the festivities or don't have plans otherwise, everyone was invited to join and, if inclined, guests were more than welcome to bring their contributions to the evening--be it in the form of food and drink or entertainment. As of right now, there is no Rabb.it set, but if there is enough interest during plotting, we can definitely set something up!


Anticipating a few more people than he is accustom to in his apartment, the living room has been converted into a dining space with tables simply set and lighting provided by a number of lanterns hung up above the table and seating. There is no assigned seating aside from the end of the table where Hye-ja will be sitting, so guests are welcome to pick whichever spot they'd like!

Where did his actual living room furniture go, you ask? All that is set up in the spare room, television included, so they would have a fair amount of space between those who RSVP'd and those who showed up on a whim. Guests will have generally free reign to move about the apartment as they please save for Jinhwan's room (with only a couple particular exceptions), and don't be surprised if a particular orb-eyed cat decides he wants to try and make more friends for food.


After a day of shopping and cooking, Jinhwan and Hye-ja pulled together a fair amount of dishes for guests to enjoy, as well as set up for their charye which will be somewhere in the living room, though off to the side and out of the way of guests. Available to everyone is a selection of staple dishes (and then some)—bap, bulgogi, galbijjim, japchae, kimchi, modeumjeon, muguk, various jeon, yangnyeom gejang—as well as various banchan and fruits, all of which will either be on the table proper or on one of the smaller kitchen counters to make sure there is space for everyone at the table.

There will also be various hangwa—yumilgwa, suksilgwa, yeot and yeot gangjeong—as well as maejakgwa and hwajeon and, of course, songpyeon which Hye-ja put together in wonderfully perfect half moons. As something a little different, Jinhwan also picked up a sweet potato cake and a variety of snowskin mooncakes.

Guests are welcome to whatever leftovers there might be at the end of the evening (and Jinhwan will very likely force quite a bit on those willing to take food with them since, as much as he eats, he is only one person). He'll be happy to pack everything up when the time comes, so transportation will be no issue.


Drink-wise, there will be a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. On the alcoholic side, baekseju and soju will be available, as well as a selection of wine provided by Katherine. On the non-alcoholic side, Jinhwan has a considerable selection of tea (some individual tea bags, mostly loose leaf) available to guests, as well as water and fruit juice—apple, cranberry, grapefruit and orange.


Either leading up to dinner or after, guest are welcome to enjoy games of Go-Stop or other various card games (as he does have a normal set of playing cards somewhere). Though rather limited on space in the apartment, there is also the opportunity for a game of tug-of-war (though varying in that teams will be more evenly distributed instead of being females versus males) and Dak Sa Um should guests want to venture outside for a while and weather permitting, of course.

If interested in tug-of-war, feel free to sign up in the appropriate subthread so we can divide people up and plot away! The other games are down to players themselves to plan and plot out since they require a lot less organization.

movies & music

Currently, there is a set Rabb.it or plug.dj component set up for the evening, but should enough people be around and want to watch a movie or listen to some music, we can definitely set something up! If interested, feel free to leave your preferences in the post and we can set something up for Saturday proper (or sometime during the weekend, whenever people are available).